Mascot Balloons

Mascot Balloons

mascot balloon with UB logo
Advertising blimps make great mascot balloons.

We manufacture mascot balloons in the USA!

Call 1-800-791-1445 for custom mascot balloons made in the USA!

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Sometimes you only need a balloon with your mascot’s image imprinted on it. Maybe, you want something a little different and try an advertising blimp with your mascot on it. Easy to use and very inexpensive!

advertising inflatable replica of University of Buffalo buffalo mascot
Giant 25 ft. Buffalo mascot inflatable.

There are many different types of inflatables that fall in the category of mascot balloons.

These include mascot cold-air inflatables like the 25 ft. buffalo pictured above.

Maybe, you want a giant helium balloon with your team’s mascot on it.

giant helium mascot balloon
Lady Dawgs Mascot Balloon

If you need a quote on mascot balloons or just need more information on options please contact us.

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Mascot Blimps

Mascot Blimps

Advertising blimps with mascot images. We manufacture mascot blimps in the USA.

mascot blimp - advertising blimp with college logo
Go Navy! Beat Army!

We can duplicate almost any mascot image, logo, lettering and color.

college mascot blimp

Mascot blimps are very attractive, fly well in winds up to 25 mph for this size and can last for years with proper care.

Call 1-800-791-1445 for information on mascot blimps.


Mascot Inflatables

Mascot Inflatables

Mascot inflatables for colleges, high schools, universities and professional sports teams.

advertising inflatable replica of University of Buffalo buffalo mascot
Giant 25 ft. Buffalo mascot inflatable.

Inflatables can refer to almost any type of “balloon”. Most often inflatables mean cold-air inflatables. Cold-air inflatables require an electric “fan/blower” to run¬†continuously¬†to keep it filled. Most mascot inflatables are made of a nylon material that is very rugged and can last for years with normal care.


Lighted Dune Balloons

Dune Balloons Lighted with Internal LED Light.

Lighted Dune Balloons that are economical, reusable and very easy to use.

We having been selling our polyurethane dune balloons for over 20 years. Guys and Gals like them because they are lightweight, reusable and can last for years with proper care.

lighted dune balloons
Lighted Dune Balloon

Lighted Dune Balloons

We have sold a lighted helium balloon for the dunes in the past but it required a 110v cord running up to the light which meant you had to have a generator and a larger balloon to lift the cord.

Well, one of our engineers finally developed a system that we all love and think you will too. Very easy to use. One plug operation. Comes with a rechargeable battery pack and a remote control. Full brightness for 10 – 12 hours on one charge. I used the new lights on a couple of our rental blimps and loved the ease of operation. Put the battery pack in its sleeve on the balloon/blimp, turn on the battery, plug in the sole wire from the light and then turn on the light when you want with the remote control. So much easier than the old corded system.

The light kit is an additional $250.00 and the light is installed when we make the balloon/blimp. Charge the battery when you receive it and you will be ready to go. Comes with our standard 135′ tether line so you will be able to see your campsite from a long distance.

dune balloon with LED light
Dune Balloons with Light

You can get your new internally lighted LED Dune balloon in all of our standard colors; however, obviously, white will be the brightest. You can do multiple colors if you would like.

Dune balloons light set up
Dune balloons light set up

Our LED light system is so compact and lightweight you can even use it on our 5.5ft in diameter dune helium balloons. The 5.5ft sphere only needs 87 cubic feet of helium so you can get a smaller helium tank for the trip. Our balloons and blimps only lose about 1% of their helium each day so unless you are going for weeks a single 110cf tank will be plenty.

See more information on our LED advertising blimps and balloons.

Call us at 1-800-791-1445 for your new lighted dune balloon.

Email: Sales@ArizonaBalloon.com


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Lighted Advertising Blimps

Affordable Lighted Advertising Blimps

We have affordable internally lighted advertising blimps that will attract attention to your store or event.

lighted advertising blimps

led lighted advertising blimp

15ft yellow helium advertising blimp with internal LED light and removable, rechargeable battery. Light will work at full power for 10 – 12 hours.


Call 1-800-791-1445 for LED lighted advertising blimps.

Email: Sales@ArizonaBalloon.com for light blimps.

Our LED internally illuminated advertising blimps are made of polyurethane, not PVC, so they fly much better and require much less helium.

Our 10ft blimp only requires 72 cubic feet of helium and will fly well in wind up to 20MPH.

Our light blimps are easy to use. Battery pack has simple one plug to install and includes a remote control.

Call 1-800-791-1445 for lighted helium blimps and lighted advertising balloons.

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