Advertising Blimps Are Great Business Tools!

Advertising Blimps Are Great Business Tools!

Advertising blimps are inflatable balloons that are floated above a business to gain attention. Advertising blimps are not actual blimps, but they are shaped in the form of a blimp, in order to better draw the consumer’s eye. Advertising blimps come in any color, and can have a customized business name printed on them. Some vendors have indoor models and outdoor models available for sale. The indoor models can give a festive and fun atmosphere to an event. The outdoor models will advertise a business far above the point that a normal sign would.

advertising blimp with logo14 ft. Advertising Blimps with logo from $1021.00 – Polyurethane, not PVC.

Most of the more high quality advertising blimps are made from polyurethane, which is durable and can last up to two years of normal usage. Polyurethane can also hold helium for a week or more without having to be refilled any. PVC and nylon blimps should be avoided as they are of inferior quality. PVC is also a known carcinogen. Nylon blimps are coated with a thin layer of urethane. When the urethane coating is scratched or rubbed the blimp will start losing helium and your blimp is useless.
Small advertising blimps will require at least three-fourths of a helium tank. The largest require more than three tanks of helium. The helium itself will leak out, and must be replaced over time depending on storage. Some manufacturers of advertising blimps recommend taking the blimps down at the end of the day, emptying the helium, and storing them in a safe location.

Likewise, the manufacturers recommend flying advertising blimps on clear days, and taking them down at signs of rain or other precipitation. Likewise, wet advertising blimps must be dried off before storage. If used every day, a blimp cradle or hangar can be built to allow the helium to be kept in the blimp.
Advertising blimps are useful to businesses that are located in tight or secluded areas, and gain the attention of customers who might not even know about the business. Thus, advertising blimps are a valuable asset to most businesses that rely on customer traffic


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Custom Balloons Advertising Weapon

Custom Balloons 

Why custom balloons have proved to be a very highly effective advertising weapon.

There are so many business houses all over the world that are now using custom balloons to advertise their products and services, because they have proved to be a highly effective medium for advertising.

custom balloon for business advertisingGiant Custom Tire Shape Balloon

Capture the attention of people with ease

One of the biggest benefits of using these advertising balloons is that you can very easily get people to sit up and take notice of whatever it is that you are selling. And this is the very reason why you would always see these balloons of late, almost anywhere that you may go.

But, unlike the many ads that you see and tend to ignore, these balloons are different. No matter how many of them you may see, there is something about these balloons that just tends to draw you to them. And so, no matter where you may be, no matter what you may be doing, you always look at these balloons.

Custom balloons force people to look.


custom peach shape balloon for business promotions.Custom Peach Shape Helium Balloon

It is almost as though these balloons have some kind of a magical power about them. They force people to drop what they are doing and look at them. It has been shown that even if people are just driving by or even if they are busy at work, they will look at these balloons and ignore whatever it is that they are doing.

Now, though you may not stop and give the advertiser immediate business, the point is that, you will have noticed the business and the advertiser. And, you are sure to remember it because of the giant size of these balloons. Better yet, you are now aware of the existence of such a business.

A lasting impression created

Thus, with this form of advertising, a lasting impression can be created in the mind of your consumers and potential consumers. The giant advertising balloon has done the trick of making you sit up and notice the business and the brand.

These balloons can be even more effective if they are custom built. For instance, if you are selling burgers, you can order a huge balloon to be made for you, in the shape of a burger. And, you can get your logo to stretch out all across it. This kind of a gigantic advertising balloon that has been custom built, is indeed a very powerful advertising tool and is guaranteed to bring you all the attention that you want your business to get. No matter what kind of business you are in, you can bet on it that custom balloons will definitely put you at a big advantage, because people are just magically drawn to them.

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Patriotic Balloons

Patriotic Balloons 

With patriotic balloons, you can get the most mileage for your advertising budget, for any patriotic occasion.

If you are planning an advertising campaign for Independence Day or another patriotic event, then you would do well to consider patriotic balloons to give your promotion campaign a major boost.

patriotic balloon - 25 ft. Statue of Liberty cold-air balloon25 ft. Statue of Liberty

It is one decision in which you can be 100% sure. 

Advertising today is not at all easy. This is simply because consumers are just sick and tired of all those ads being thrown at them. What does one do then? How does one get the message across to people? This can get even tougher, if a person is on a low budget.

An easy solution to all your advertising woes is by making use of huge balloons that are custom made. These advertising balloons are highly effective to advertise almost any and every kind of product or service as they are noticed at once, even by people who may be just driving through.

patriotic balloons - star shape red helium balloon for parades and events.Giant star helium balloon for patriotic parades and events.

Definitely awesome for almost any kind of event

Whatever the event you may have in mind, even if it is something patriotic, you can bet your bottom dollar that you are guaranteed to catch the attention of people with these gigantic patriotic balloons. There are so many options for you to choose from, when you are planning on acquiring these huge balloons for your advertising and promotional needs.

And you can bet on it, with these huge advertising balloons, you will never ever go wrong. If you do not like the balloons that you see and you are not satisfied, all you have to do is just get a balloon that is custom made to suit your needs and the occasion.

American Eagle custom patriotic balloon25 ft. American Eagle

Patriotic balloons guarantee you instant attention

The best part about these balloons is that not only can you get them designed to meet what you have in mind, but you can also have your logo or brand name spread all across them. Depending upon your need, you can get either one side of the balloon or both sides of the balloon imprinted with your logo. Of course, if you want to create a bigger impact, then it is advisable for you to get your logo on both the sides of these huge balloons.

And as these balloons are so massive, people are definitely going to see your logo and take notice of what you are selling. If you are running a special promotion advertising campaign for Independence Day or any other patriotic occasion, you can really capture the attention of people, by advertising with these giant patriotic balloons. You will very easily be able to get these balloons in almost any kind of shape that you desire, star shapes, heart shapes, round shapes, you name it, you got it!


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