Mascot Balloons

Mascot Balloons

mascot balloon with UB logo
Advertising blimps make great mascot balloons.

We manufacture mascot balloons in the USA!

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Sometimes you only need a balloon with your mascot’s image imprinted on it. Maybe, you want something a little different and try an advertising blimp with your mascot on it. Easy to use and very inexpensive!

advertising inflatable replica of University of Buffalo buffalo mascot
Giant 25 ft. Buffalo mascot inflatable.

There are many different types of inflatables that fall in the category of mascot balloons.

These include mascot cold-air inflatables like the 25 ft. buffalo pictured above.

Maybe, you want a giant helium balloon with your team’s mascot on it.

giant helium mascot balloon
Lady Dawgs Mascot Balloon

If you need a quote on mascot balloons or just need more information on options please contact us.

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Advertising Blimps Are Great Business Tools!

Advertising Blimps Are Great Business Tools!

Advertising blimps are inflatable balloons that are floated above a business to gain attention. Advertising blimps are not actual blimps, but they are shaped in the form of a blimp, in order to better draw the consumer’s eye. Advertising blimps come in any color, and can have a customized business name printed on them. Some vendors have indoor models and outdoor models available for sale. The indoor models can give a festive and fun atmosphere to an event. The outdoor models will advertise a business far above the point that a normal sign would.

advertising blimp with logo14 ft. Advertising Blimps with logo from $1021.00 – Polyurethane, not PVC.

Most of the more high quality advertising blimps are made from polyurethane, which is durable and can last up to two years of normal usage. Polyurethane can also hold helium for a week or more without having to be refilled any. PVC and nylon blimps should be avoided as they are of inferior quality. PVC is also a known carcinogen. Nylon blimps are coated with a thin layer of urethane. When the urethane coating is scratched or rubbed the blimp will start losing helium and your blimp is useless.
Small advertising blimps will require at least three-fourths of a helium tank. The largest require more than three tanks of helium. The helium itself will leak out, and must be replaced over time depending on storage. Some manufacturers of advertising blimps recommend taking the blimps down at the end of the day, emptying the helium, and storing them in a safe location.

Likewise, the manufacturers recommend flying advertising blimps on clear days, and taking them down at signs of rain or other precipitation. Likewise, wet advertising blimps must be dried off before storage. If used every day, a blimp cradle or hangar can be built to allow the helium to be kept in the blimp.
Advertising blimps are useful to businesses that are located in tight or secluded areas, and gain the attention of customers who might not even know about the business. Thus, advertising blimps are a valuable asset to most businesses that rely on customer traffic


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Custom Balloons Get You SEEN!

Custom Balloons

Having custom balloons designed is a great way of luring people to what you are selling.

People need to really “See”

People today are so busy with their lives that even though they may see or hear ads, they are not really seeing or hearing them. You can’t blame them for this because this is how life has become. Life is so hectic and fast paced that hardly anyone at all has the time to see or listen to ads.

Also, the number of ads being aired is so vast, people get bugged and thus, they tend to hit some kind of a mental “turn off” button when an ad appears. In such circumstances it becomes real tough to get the attention of people, to the product or service that you are selling.

custom balloon - giant 10 ft. tooth shape custom balloonCustom balloons get results!


So what do you do to make people “See”?

What then can an advertiser do to make people actually see their products and services? An ideal way of getting people to sit up and take notice of almost any kind of product or service is by making use of gigantic advertising balloons.

These custom balloons are really great in getting the attention of people and the best part about these balloons is that they come in various sizes, shapes and colors and they can also be custom made to meet your business needs.

Custom balloons attract a lot of attention

You can make these balloons custom imprinted so that they are absolutely unique and even if there are other balloons around, people will notice your advertising balloon just because it stands out from the rest of the balloons that may be there.

custom balloon - helium balloon with custom printingCustom balloons with lettering from $433.00.

There are many factors that contribute to the success of these mammoth balloons that are used for advertising and promotional purposes. First and foremost, the fact that these balloons are unique, makes them stand out. And of course, when you have these balloons uniquely created just for you, you are definitely going to have your logo and advertising message spread all across this balloon. Thus when people see the giant balloon, they are definitely going to see your logo as well as your advertising message.

It’s the personal touch that counts

You can get these balloons designed in any shape, color and size that you want. These balloons when made unique stand out at once, even if they are put up in extremely crowded areas. Also, these huge balloons add a personal touch to any kind of event, because of their uniqueness.

And the best part is that these custom balloons are a great way to attract people of all ages, old or young…they are all spellbound with these huge uniquely crafted advertising balloons.

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